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When you have those days when looking into your closet is a dreaded task, when nothing in their looks great or fits right, TERRA can help. Our Style Tune Up service is a simple, three-step process. By the end, you'll have the skills and knowledge to create stylish and comfortable outfits that make you feel good inside and out. Pricing varies according to the desired scope of services selected. Please contact us at 202-232-8581 or hello@shopterradc.com to request an estimate.

Step 1: Editing & Organization
We’ll work with you to identify and remove items that you no longer wear, that do not fit properly, are outdated, or need to be replaced. We'll also identify items that are wearable but need alteration. Once we've decluttered your closet, we’ll work with you to develop an organization system based on your needs and understanding of how to pull together fully coordinated looks..

Step 2: Wardrobe Development
Developing a truly functional wardrobe is a building process that happens over time as you identify your style. The first step in wardrobe development starts with the basics, the "essentials" (see the tips section for more on this topic). For example, a great-fitting black suit or basic jean become versatile staples in almost any wardrobe. With minor adjustments, like changing a shoe and adding some accessories, you can adapt the look to meet your needs. Once we have identified key essential items missing from your wardrobe, we'll compile a shopping list and prioritize the items based on your immediate style needs and budget.

Step 3: Styling
Based on your expressed style goals and newly revamped closet, we’ll work with you to create looks for all occasions. We begin the process by snapping a Polaroid of you and showing you the basic cuts and clothing styles that will be most complimentary to your shape. Understanding how clothing should fit is fundamental to creating looks on your own. We'll discuss what types of styles really work for you, what styles do not, and what you should look for when shopping. We’ll round out the session with a digital "lookbook" to refer to. The album will feature you, styled in distinct looks that you have selected. Each look will be centered around a key piece such as a black dress or your favorite jeans. We'll then dress the key piece up or down so you understand what goes into creating looks and how to do it on your own. The lookbook will serve as a reference tool to guide you as you develop your style.

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